Whamageddon 2024!








The Rules

The 1st Rule

The objective is to go as long as possible without hearing WHAM’s Christmas classic; “Last Christmas”.

The 2nd Rule

The game starts on December 1st, and finishes at the end of December 24th.
Use your local timezone, if you’d like.
(Yes, we’re European heathens)

The 3rd Rule

Only the original version applies. Enjoy the ?#!$&%! out of remixes and covers.

The 4th Rule

You’re out as soon as you recognise the song.


Post on social media with the #whamageddon hashtag when you get hit.


While we can’t stop you from deliberately sending your friends to Whamhalla, the intention is that this is a survival game. Not a Battle Royale. So … don’t be a dick, mkay?

Who is behind this madness?

The Whamfathers

Rasmus Leth Bjerre, Oliver Nøglebæk and
Thomas Mertz

Our lovely volunteers

Troels Thylstrup, Bethy Winkopp, Brittany Stallings,  Jim Stallings and Rob Cunningham.

And of course …

WHAM!, aka. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley