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The Rules

It's not that complicated. Allow us to enlighten you.

The First Rule
The objective is to go as long as possible without hearing WHAM's Christmas classic; "Last Christmas".
The Second Rule
The game starts on December 1st, and ends at midnight on December 24th.
Use your local timezone, if you'd like.
(Yes, we're European heathens)
The Third Rule
Only the original version applies. Enjoy the #!€#%!€%€& out of remixes and covers.
The Fourth Rule
You're out as soon as you recognise the song.
Bonus Rule
Post on social media with the #whamageddon hashtag when you get hit.
While we can't stop you from deliberately sending your friends to Whamhalla, the intention is that this is a survival game. Not a Battle Royale. So ... don't be a dick, mkay?

Got wham'd?

Aw? Is it over? Already? Fret not! Join your battle-brethren in Whamhalla!

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Whamageddon has a few thank-you's to make. So here they are!


Rasmus Leth Bjerre, Oliver Nøglebæk, Søren Gelineck and Thomas Mertz

Special thanks

Troels Thylstrup, Bethy Winkopp, Brittany Stallings, Alexis Moisand, Jim Stallings and Rob Cunningham

... and of course

WHAM!, aka. George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley

And some boring stuff

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